Almac Clinical Technologies Releases Almac Interactive Reporting for IXRS


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Almac Clinical Technologies announced the release of a new reporting solution for its IXRS™ integrated phone and web response technology. The new reporting system, Almac Interactive Reporting, will be showcased at the upcoming Partnerships in Clinical Trials, held April 12-14 in Orlando, Florida.
Almac Interactive Reporting was designed and implemented with client input. Almac conducted interviews with clients to gather insights about their reporting needs and how reports fit into their daily workflow patterns.  As a result of this client research, Almac designed its new reporting suite to maximize client productivity and satisfy clients’ daily need for high quality data.  
Almac Interactive Reporting features dashboards and a suite of reports designed to suit the needs of two particular user groups: Clinical and Drug Supply Management professionals. When logging on to Almac Interactive Reporting, users are presented with a choice of dashboards that are relevant to their job function and the state of the trial. For example, if a trial is in its early stage, clinical users will typically access a “start-up” dashboard that presents relevant data including patient and site functions, such as screening, enrollment, randomization, and site activation. As the trial progresses, clinical users will transition to the “maintenance” dashboard that offers scorecards that measure key performance indicators (KPIs) against established targets.
Almac Interactive Reporting features include online sorting, filtering, pivoting, graphing, and other analytical tools. It also gives users the ability to drag and drop data sources to create their own reports and display them in graphs and tables.

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