AMC Health Partners with Icahn School of Medicine on Televideo-Enabled Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial

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Technology Provides Access to Patients Living Far from Study Site

Today, AMC Health announced the first patient enrolled in a prostate cancer clinical trial deploying televideo, at Mount Sinai's Icahn School of Medicine in Manhattan. The trial is testing whether the antidiabetic medication metformin may slow the progression of recurrent prostate cancer. AMC Health, a leading provider of proven mobile health solutions, has pioneered the use of televideo in clinical trials and is providing this capability for the study.

Matthew Galsky, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine at Icahn School of Medicine, Director of Genitourinary Medical Oncology at Tisch Cancer Center at Mount Sinai and the principal investigator, said, "Our prior research demonstrates that geographic barriers and travel burdens prevent many patients from participating in clinical trials. This televideo technology by AMC Health provides a solution, connecting patients remotely with our study site. Patients living at great distances from Mount Sinai may come for an initial visit, but may be unable to travel monthly for follow-up visits, preventing them from participating in clinical trials. 'Video visits' make their participation possible."

The protocol for the trial was developed with input from patients, physicians and researchers, using an innovative crowd-sourcing platform developed by Transparency Life Sciences, a New York-based open-source pharmaceutical development company. "I developed a draft protocol," Dr. Galsky explained, "and 'the crowd' used Transparency's Internet platform to make significant improvements to the trial design."

"This study introduces innovative technologies that can improve future clinical trials," according to John Holland, Senior VP for Research in the Clinical Trials Division of AMC Health, "and we are honored to partner with Dr. Galsky and Mount Sinai in this effort."

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