AMC Partnering Up at Quintiles


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AMC Partnering Up at Quintiles

Applied Clinical Trials recently spoke with Oren Cohen, MD, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer for Quintiles Transnational about the CRO’s relationship with Academic Medical Centers. This interview was conducted as part of a larger article in development for our February Special Report: AMCs and Clinical Trials.

According to Cohen, Quintiles has increased its partnerships with AMCs, as well as independent medical centers, in just the past two years. “We have to wait some time before we can judge how successful these relationships are,” said Cohen. “There is the natural of life cycle of studies, which could be up to eight years to see how it goes.”

However, for Quintiles, Cohen believes these partnerships are going well. By concentrating the portfolio of studies “under one roof,” Quintiles has the following benefits:

-Faster study start-up time
-More predictable enrollment
-Access to thought-leaders
-High-concentration of efficiencies (i.e., with monitoring)

“Partnerships that make sense for efficiency are good for everybody,” said Cohen. “Times change and everybody is under more economic pressure, AMCs, CROs…airlines and the auto industry.”

Look for our full report in our February issue.

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