Aptuit Offers Design, Implementation and Analysis of Imaging Brain Studies


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Stuart Needleman, President and Chief Operating Officer, Aptuit LLC, reported that Aptuit provides scientific expertise to biotech and pharmaceutical companies in need of the design, implementation and analysis of Imaging Brain studies.

Mr. Needleman stated, “Since PET Brain studies have taken hold as a reliable technology in predicting dosages for human studies, scientists at The Aptuit Center for Drug Discovery & Development in Verona, Italy, have been supporting customers with clinical research services that include highly specialized design, implementation, and analysis of PET studies and other imaging techniques. Clients can turn to Aptuit with the confidence that we offer well established knowledge and experience in this groundbreaking nuclear medicine imaging technique.”

It was explained that Aptuit can design and implement PET studies by selecting the PET Center that is best suited to the customer’s specific requirement.

Stefano Zancan, Clinical Science Head at The Aptuit Center for Drug Discovery & Development said, “Our clinical sciences team has ongoing relationships with the most notable and distinguished PET Centers around the world. Working alongside scientists at specially selected PET Centers, Aptuit advances the study’s implementation and provides our analytical expertise in PK analysis and PK/PD correlation to interpret the resulting data. The integration of PET occupancy studies into clinical drug development plans provides a valuable tool for dose selection and optimization in humans by characterizing the relationship between the time course of plasma drug concentration and target receptor occupancy, while functional imaging, both PET and MRI, offers an objective assessment of the effect on a tested compound, thereby increasing the probability of implementing conclusive clinical trials.”

As an example of Aptuit’s knowledge and experience in the PET study area, Mr. Zancan cited Using Objective Endpoints for POC Studies, a pertinent Aptuit case study.  

Mr. Needleman concluded, “We have successfully employed neuroimaging in a wide range of projects related to predicting dosages for human studies and evaluating dose responses.

For more information, please contact Maria Garvey, Delfino Marketing at 914-747-1400 or [email protected]

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