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Aris Global's Release of agXchange SIR Enables Trial Sponsors to Automate Investigator Safety Reporting and Reap Significant Cost Savings

Aris Global’s Release of agXchange SIR™ Enables Trial Sponsors to Automate Investigator Safety Reporting and Reap Significant Cost SavingsComprehensive system delivers first-to-market capabilities for extensive report distribution options
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AT THE 2ND ANNUAL DIA CLINICAL FORUM (LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA)-October 20, 2008:  Aris Global, a leading provider of software solutions for the life sciences industry, today announced the general release of agXchange SIR (safety-to-investigator reporting), a Web-based trial report distribution system that leverages Aris Global’s 20-plus years of clinical safety experience to automate the distribution of clinical safety reports and other clinical documentation. 

During the DIA 2nd Annual Clinical Forum, Aris Global will be presenting agXchange SIR in its booth #46 in the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. Through agXchange SIR, clinical operations can automatically distribute clinical safety reports, including SUSARS or aggregate line listings to investigators and other stakeholders based on a defined distribution list or to all studies associated with a product.  The fully automated system significantly reduces the effort to collate, compile and distribute safety reports, thereby reducing the associated costs. 

“We strategically designed agXchange SIR from the investigator’s perspective,” said Simon Sparkes, vice president, corporate strategy at Aris Global.  “The investigator portal we’ve developed provides easy and secure access to all safety reports sent to investigators, IRBs and ethics committees. Investigators have the ability to select their preferred method of receipt such as email, fax or via the investigator portal.  After a report has been viewed, automated acknowledgements sent to the SIR portal enable sponsors to quickly and accurately track receipt and generate detailed transaction history reports.” 

 agXchange SIR is the newest module of the agXchange gateway for extended electronic exchange.  Other modules includes agXchange ESM, an electronic submissions module that supports the import and export of adverse event data in E2B and extended E2B formats; agXchange IRT, a module for inbound receipt and triage that reduces the time spent by organizations in collecting, verifying and submitting safety information; and agXchange RSM, a module that supports the regulatory submission of the EVMPD product data as requested by the EMEA. Delivered as a hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, agXchange SIR is a highly secure, validated system that can be set up and established very quickly.  

“The primary benefit agXchange SIR delivers is in reducing the steep operating costs of collecting, distributing and tracking safety-to-investigator reports.  The hosted delivery model also enables customers to focus on their core business expertise as they rely on Aris Global’s long-standing leadership experience in safety and pharmacovigilance to shoulder the burden of 24x7 support to their entire investigator community,” concluded Sparkes.

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Aris Global ( is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for pharmacovigilance and safety, regulatory affairs, clinical research and medical information. More than 300 direct and indirect life science customers rely on the company’s advanced solutions for maintaining regulatory compliance, managing and mitigating risk, improving operational efficiency and easily sharing information on a global basis.

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