ArisGlobal® announces the launch of agReporter™


Applied Clinical Trials

STAMFORD, CT-  15th June, 2015- ArisGlobal®, a leading provider of software solutions to the life science industry is transforming the way license partners, distributors, patients, HCPs, sales representatives and MSLs communicate with drug and device manufacturers.

As a result of ongoing regulatory pressures all life sciences organizations are experiencing significant increases in the number of enquiries and adverse events reported annually. Collecting this data is becoming a considerable challenge and the current processes and systems are no longer scalable. Cost pressures are also placing an intolerable burden on resources. 

agReporter is the new way for medical sales representatives, healthcare professionals and patients to track and report adverse events, submit medical enquiries and report product complaints from a single unified platform.  Available as a web-based capture solution or as a mobile app, agReporter makes it simpler for all users to correspond with drug manufacturers and get the latest medical advice.

agReporter simplifies and streamlines two-way communication with Medical Information (MI) teams, and allows real-time sharing of relevant content – reducing wait times and relieving the pressure on overburdened MI departments.

Based on the latest technology, agReporter™ can be integrated with existing systems for complaint, adverse event  and medical enquiry management but comes integrated out of the box with the ArisGlobal unified medical affairs platform consisting of agInquirer (medical information), agTracker (adverse event triage) and agResponder (complaints).

Other key benefits of agReporter™ include:

·       Simplified collection of complaints, enquiries and adverse events reporting.

·       Mobile optimized access and workflow for Android and iOS devices.

·       Enhanced compliance in AE and PC reporting.

·       Reduced paperwork and transcription data entry.

·       Secure access to the latest approved global and regional product information/literature and FAQs.

Simon Sparkes, Executive Vice President Product Strategy remarked, “Like everything else, healthcare is going mobile and there are huge efficiencies to be had by enabling direct reporting and providing self-service capabilities.  In clinical trials, we have seen the benefits of direct patient reporting with ePro.  Life science companies can realize huge cost savings by enabling adverse event reporting at source, eliminating the inefficiencies of the current manual processes.  We are taking this concept further by offering the only unified solution that allows users to also submit medical enquiries and product complaints while accessing the latest product data and FAQs.  agReporter is literally a unique solution that all stakeholders can have on their iPhone, iPad or Android devices.” 

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