ATCOR Medical, Datacubed Health Partner on Patient Retention and Engagement

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Collaboration to focus on digital vascular biomarker patient monitoring trial.

ATCOR Medical, a medical device developer, and Datacubed Health, an eClinical technology provider, announced a joint venture aimed to conduct trial monitoring across therapeutic programs. The teams will employ the recently FDA-approved Conneqt Pulse, a vascular biomarker device, to non-invasively provide advanced arterial health biomarkers.


ATCOR’s device tracks digital biomarkers and sends customized alerts if vascular biometrics fall within a critical range during the trial. ATCOR credits Conneqt with providing clinicians the opportunity to reduce the likelihood of adverse events. Through customized alerts programmed to alert both patients and clinicians of any potential issue, preventing an adverse event becomes more achievable.

“We are thrilled to partner with Datacubed Health and expand what is possible to elevate the patient experience and unlock the power of our digital vascular biomarkers as tools to monitor patient safety. Together we are truly personalizing decentralized trials,” stated Kimberly Tully, managing director, clinical trials partnerships, ATCOR Medical.