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AvivoClin’s Expansion Continues with the Addition of Microdosing and Central Lab Services

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.-Azopharma Product Development Group, Inc.TM (“Azopharma”) is excited to announce the addition of Microdosing and Central Lab services to its clinical pharmacology research facility, AvivoClin Clinical ServicesTM, located in Daytona Beach, Florida. This extension of services compliments AvivoClin’s current offerings of Phase I-III studies and is accommodated by the recent facility expansion.

Microdosing is an important trend among pharmaceutical and regulatory agencies around the world which provides early pharmacokinetic and pharmcodynamic data in humans. AvivoClin is now able to offer Phase 0 Microdosing solutions to clients which include synthesis and labeling of material, formulation, administration of microdoses in a clinical environment and analysis of samples.

Along with Microdosing, AvivoClin will also offer central lab services. By bringing the laboratory testing in house, clients will experience a quicker turn-around time for results, a decrease in errors and a reduction in costs. According to Phil Meeks, Chief Executive Office of Azopharma, “The increased space and capabilities allow us to better serve the growing needs of our clients. Through AvivoClin, Azopharma Product Development Group can support numerous clinical studies simultaneously resulting in higher level of service.”

The additional services are accommodated by the continued expansion of AvivoClin’s facility which began in March 2008. The expansion includes:

• Increased square footage from 10,000 to 25,000 square feet
• Additional bed capacity from 48 beds to 100 beds
• Expanded lab facilities, exam rooms and telemetry monitoring capabilities
• Intensive care unit for studies requiring close monitoring
• Larger patient recreation space and dining space
• Expanded shower and restroom facilities
• Additional certified staff and recruitment specialists

Azopharma Product Development Group brings together the best scientists in the field, state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on quality that provides client partners an unbeatable combination in total product development.

Azopharma Product Development Group Includes:
• Azopharma Contract Pharmaceutical ServicesTM - Integrated product development and CTM manufacturing for all dosage forms.
• ApiCross Drug Delivery TechnologiesTM - Proprietary drug delivery platforms to solve difficult molecular challenges.
• IQsynthesis - Synthetic chemistry services from discovery to clinical API supplies including large scale API synthesis.
• AniClin Preclinical ServicesTM - Preclinical services in support of early product development.
• Cyanta Analytical LaboratoriesTM - Analytical chemistry and inhalation services from development to quality control testing.
• ADMEQuant Bioanalytical ServicesTM - Bioanalytical research analysis of pharmaceutical compounds in all matrices.
• AvivoClin Clinical ServicesTM - Human clinical pharmacology services for Phase I/II/III clinical trials.
• Acromon Clinical Research OrganizationTM - Clinical monitoring, data management and statistical services.

About Azopharma
Azopharma Product Development Group, The Total Product Development Company TM, is FDA registered, DEA approved and client audited on a regular basis. In product development, it comes down to the right people, their commitment and application of experience. Partnering with Azopharma provides customers with the confidence of assured success. We welcome visits to our South Florida facilities as well as our other sites to conduct audits or meet with our pharmaceutical scientists to outline a study that meets your specific needs. Contact one of our scientists at development@azopdogroup.com or 954-433-7480.

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