The Avoca Group Transforms the Clinical Trial Execution Process by Introducing a Data-Driven, Time-Saving Solution for Vendor Prequalification

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Company News Release

Princeton, NJ-The Avoca Group today announced a new platform to accelerate the prequalification of clinical service providers by leveraging analytics-driven technology and industry-leading standards to provide rapid, intelligent access to in-depth RFI questionnaires. The Diligent™ Prequalification Platform furthers the work Avoca has become known for over the past 20 years, and reinforces its mission to transform the clinical trial execution process by bringing efficiency, quality, and risk mitigation to the forefront.   “The Diligent Platform centralizes prequalification information, which we believe will transform how the industry approaches this process,” says Patricia Leuchten, CEO, The Avoca Group. “The current methodology for prequalifying and selecting vendors is redundant and dysfunctional. By combining the Avoca Quality Consortium’s industry-accepted standards with an intelligent technology platform, we are able to offer business process transformation by shortening timelines for clinical trial execution. The offering enhances quality, mitigates risk and increases compliance. This is the first stage of a comprehensive technology roadmap.”   Purdue Pharma, Sanofi, and Seattle Genetics have committed sponsorship to support development of the technology. In addition, the sponsors will direct the expansion of Diligent beyond its current focus on endpoint generating technical services and into more functional CRO service categories including, data management, field monitoring, and biostatistics.   “The Diligent platform is a powerful solution to streamlining the prequalification process and supporting companies in making the best decisions while maintaining compliance,” says Marie Anne Stager, Vice President, Clinical Development Operations, Seattle Genetics. “The platform affords companies the opportunity to better utilize technology to enhance clinical trials processes.”   The Avoca Group welcomes CROs and other types of service providers to join this select group of Diligent sponsors. The support and input of other clinical research providers adds value to the offering and future developments of Diligent. For information on becoming a sponsor, contact [Dennis Salotti at].   Link to Diligent RFIs:     About The Avoca Group The Avoca Group, whose clients include top five pharmaceutical companies and global contract research organizations (CROs), is a driving force behind the continuous improvement of outsourced clinical research. In 2011, the Avoca Quality Consortium™, a pre-competitive collaborative, was formed and sponsored by Pfizer and Lilly. Members include more than 70 pharma, biotech, and clinical service providers. Founded in 1999, the company works exclusively in the health care industry with a focus on clinical research and clinical outsourcing. Learn more about The Avoca Group at and on LinkedIn and Twitter.