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DIA 2015 Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. and Boston, Mass. – June 15, 2015 –BBK Worldwide, a leading clinical trial marketing firm, today announced My Research MateSM, a live streaming video app platform developed to educate consumers about cutting-edge treatment options and available clinical research studies, and the importance of clinical research more broadly. The app is intended to offer an enhanced experience through live video interactions with researchers, thought leaders, advocacy groups and even other patients and caregivers – of utmost importance to those struggling with rare and incurable diseases where research advances represent the only option for treatment.

Consumers continue to take the driver’s seat in their own health care and wellness, an evolving shift that will continue to impact clinical studies and help fuel mobile technology adoption across all areas of clinical research. What’s more, consumers increasingly prefer video over other forms of communication. It’s estimated that video will account for 74% of all internet traffic and 33% of tablet owners watch more than an hour of video on their device each day.

In support of these trends and underscoring BBK’s commitment to optimal patient engagement, My Research Mate was designed to leverage the power of video to help improve engagement and support more meaningful information sharing. The challenges that come with a diagnosis or managing illness are greatly compounded when patients and caregivers lack access to information, and this new offering was built to address that. My Research Mate also allows scientists and researchers to share research news, findings and related trial patient opportunities – and to do so directly and to the right audience.

“mHealth for clinical research continues to evolve quickly as we work as an industry to ensure that patients have greater access to study information – where, when and how they need it,” said Joan F. Bachenheimer, founding principal of BBK Worldwide. “Consider the newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s patient. While breakthrough science is advancing Alzheimer disease options, reaching those with early symptoms requires early intervention. It’s a very scary time, but it’s also the point at which patients and their caregivers could benefit greatly from information on the most advanced research options.”

“As mobile apps continue to become a bigger part of the clinical research and healthcare mix, patients will continue to rely on them to stay informed to help better manage their disease or condition – and we believe live streaming video is an important, natural next step,” continued Bachenheimer.

The new video platform will be available as a stand-alone tool and as a password-protected video feature within BBK’s mobile apps for patients and sites, My Clinical Study Buddy® and My Protocol PalSM respectively. For additional information, visit, text “Innovate” to 31996 or email

Visit BBK booth #2026 at the DIA Annual Meeting to learn more about the company’s software solutions and consulting services for improved patient recruitment and engagement. 

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