BBK Worldwide Launches Expanded Suite Of Retention Products To Support Clinical Trial Study Sites


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BBK Worldwide, the global leader in patient recruitment and retention for clinical research, announced today an expanded suite of products that streamlines retention efforts at the site level. Among these products are the Ready. Set. Go.SM Card (RSGSM Card), Ready. Set. Go.SM Ride (RSGSM Ride), and Ready. Set. Go.SM Minder (RSGSM Minder). These products are customized for today’s clinical research coordinator who is tasked with multiple responsibilities and demands. Through the efficiencies these products create, the clinical research coordinator is allowed to focus his or her efforts on other study-related priorities.

Only BBK Worldwide’s system is designed to minimize the need for acquiring personal and identifying patient information, a requirement of competitor programs directly resulting in sub-optimal ethics committee and patient support for these necessary retention and compliance services.

Each individual product addresses a specific retention function. The RSG Card is a global reimbursement solution for clinical study participants. “With the RSG Card, we are transforming the way the industry reimburses study participants – making it easier and more efficient for both patients and study staff,” comments Mike Johnson, Product Development, BBK Worldwide. “Management of the card is streamlined at the site level through TrialCentralNetSM, the leading online patient recruitment management system,” continues Johnson.

RSG Ride offers a convenient way to schedule and manage patient transportation. BBK specialists coordinate travel to and from approved study visits, fostering study compliance and minimizing the need for site staff to reschedule missed appointments. “RSG Ride provides an alternative choice in transportation for study participants who may have difficulty finding transportation to and from study appointments,” comments Jennifer Dinkel, Strategic Consultant, BBK Worldwide.

RSG Minder is a customized mobile platform that supports study participants and assists them in managing their study obligations. “Study participants have access to functionality that allows them to track upcoming study visits and schedule convenient reminders. In addition, content functionality allows BBK to send notifications to opted-in patients about upcoming visit reminders, post-visit follow-up, and general study information and updates,” comments Johnson.

To learn more about these and other BBK products, visit Clinical research professionals can find discounts on site support services within BBK’s portfolio of recruitment and retention tools as part of February’s online event.

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