BBK Worldwide Launches Full-Service Patient Travel Program


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DIA Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. and Boston, Mass., June 16, 2015-- BBK Worldwide

, a leading clinical trial marketing firm, today announced the availability of RSG® Arrive, a full-service concierge program created to more fully support clinical trial patients and operationalize travel for pharmaceutical companies, especially important for rare disease studies where recruitment of patients extends well beyond the area of the site, often in different countries. The latest offering within the company's RSG® Suite<

> of engagement services, RSG Arrive leverages industry best practices to offer streamlined adherence and workflows, all at a reduced cost. The program has been implemented across several global studies, and sponsor and patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.   Designed to optimize the millions of dollars spent on study-related care annually and support the demands inherent in today's growing personalized approach to research, RSG Arrive manages all travel-related logistics ­ operational and financial ­ for trial patients and sites. From car and shuttle booking, to international flight and accommodation management, RSG Arrive ensures that patients get to and from study visits as simply and seamlessly as possible; removing what can be a heavy burden for study patients and the study teams supporting them. RSG Arrive can also provide complementary services for patients requiring additional support, as well as offer sponsors a turn-key solution to streamline retention efforts at the site level.   "With few to no options available to them, those suffering from the most devastating of illnesses are often unable to participate in clinical research because the few highly specialized physician investigators are simply too far away," said Jaime Cohen, strategic consultation and research, BBK Worldwide. "The goal is two-fold ­ to ensure that patients participating in clinical trials have the support they need, and to remove what can be a primary and costly ­ and ultimately unnecessary ­ study enrollment barrier."   Additionally, because the program leverages BBK¹s cloud-based patient recruitment platform all travel logistics are linked to individual patient and study visits and are updated and available in real-time, providing clarity and saving study teams valuable time, budget and resources ­ all within a secure and confidential environment.    

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