BBK Worldwide Selects Zaggo, Inc. as a Featured Contributor to Clinical Notifier

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Boston-BBK Worldwide, a company with a history of patient recruitment and engagement excellence, announces Zaggo, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to patients and their caregivers, as a featured contributor to Clinical Notifier ( Designed to help patients and caregivers find pathways to better healthcare, Clinical Notifier is a free web-based resource that provides the latest news, tools, educational content, and clinical study opportunities. As a contributor, Zaggo will provide content for the Resource Lab, which features information about clinical studies, tools and tips, and a caregiver’s corner. The partnership reflects the commitment the two companies share to enhancing the patient experience and to educating and empowering healthcare consumers in making informed decisions about clinical research participation.

“Whether searching for clinical study opportunities or healthcare information, Clinical Notifier supports an educated consumer-helping pave the way for a much-needed connection between consumer and study,” comments Joan F. Bachenheimer, founding principal and CEO, BBK Worldwide. “We chose to partner with Zaggo because we wanted to provide Clinical Notifier users with the most informed and insightful content- based on in-depth research and personal experience-to support them as educated consumers in their pursuit of the best possible care and outcomes.”

Zaggo was borne out of the experience of its founder and president, Roberta Carson, after she was thrust into the role of caregiver for her son Zachary during his 27-month battle with pediatric brain cancer. “I realized fairly quickly there was a lack of practical, easy-to-use information and tools to help patients and families become effective, engaged, empowered members of their medical teams, all of which are critical to receiving better care,” comments Roberta Carson, founder and president, Zaggo, Inc. “I am pleased that BBK selected my blog as a resource for Clinical Notifier. Like Zaggo, BBK’s commitment to patient-centric care is a founding principle. I am honored to be partnering with BBK and supporting patients and families in this way.”


Zaggo’s contributed content will cover topics such as advocating for your loved ones and researching new treatment options by evaluating clinical trial results, and it will speak directly to the needs and concerns of healthcare consumers. Clinical Notifier is available at

Next month, Ms. Carson will be featured in a BBK Pharma15 Live! segment discussing her motivation to help others. She will also discuss a new approach she has developed to empower patients and their families to become more engaged, effective members of their medical team. The segment will be available on BBK’s website (


About Zaggo, Inc. (

Zaggo is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing patients and their family caregivers with the information and tools they need to become empowered, engaged, effective members of their medical teams for the best possible care. With an easy-to-use guide book and organizational tools necessary to keep healthcare information and documents accessible, the ZaggoCare® System is the only product to offer the comprehensive advice and tools needed to help patients and caregivers manage illness or injury and ultimately, receive the best possible care.


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BBK Worldwide, recently rebranded as The Patient Experience CompanyTM, dedicates its communication expertise, services, and technology-driven solutions to educate consumers, engage participants, unburden sites, and support sponsors-a combination essential for enhancing the patient experience and advancing clinical research and development efforts. One of the few remaining corporately independent and full-service R&D marketing firms, BBK has maintained its position at the forefront of innovation for over 35 years. BBK’s commitment to ongoing adaptation and industry breakthroughs is made possible by its patented smart technology TrialCentralNet®.