Bioclinica Launches Clinical Adjudication Led by Experienced Medical Specialists and Researchers for Enhanced Safety and Efficacy in Clinical Trials

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DOYLESTOWN, Pa., Nov. 30, 2017-Bioclinica®, a provider of technology-enabled solutions for clinical research, announces the launch of Bioclinica Clinical Adjudication, a transformational offering in which medical specialists and researchers, backed by advanced technology, lead independent Clinical Event Committee (CEC) review. The new service enables the independent adjudication of clinical events in conformance with regulatory requirements governing clinical trials within all therapeutic areas, including cardiac studies and for Major Adverse Cardiac Events (MACE) committees.   Adjudication committee members located anywhere around the globe are able to access Bioclinica’s web-based system to securely and efficiently review clinical event dossiers. Built-in access control and tracking provides for security, protection, and audit trail transparency while giving adjudicators ready access to the required information on every clinical event type.   “Bioclinica’s robust electronic adjudication environment allows clinical study sponsors to successfully modernize from paper-based adjudication to a web-based system for greater efficiency, data integrity, and reduced timelines while breaking down geographic barriers,” said David Herron, President Medical Imaging & eHealth Solutions, Bioclinica.   As a key component of the service, Bioclinica brings in a vast network of medical professionals who specialize in the specific endpoint areas, augmented by Bioclinica’s advanced clinical adjudication software for thorough and efficient review of clinical events. As an alternative to tapping this vast network of medical experts experienced in adjudication, sponsors may use their own recommended adjudicators.   Objective endpoint evaluation and assessment is critical in meeting regulatory agency endpoint review requirements throughout a clinical trial to ensure compliance with protocol criteria. Bioclinica Clinical Adjudication enables sponsors to electronically manage the complete process around safety endpoints-from notification of an endpoint at a clinical trial site on through to central review by therapeutic experts-for a more efficient, objective, and streamlined process than traditional methods, while delivering added quality and time-saving benefits.   “In collaborating, our technology, medical, and scientific experts have completely re-engineered the clinical adjudication process,” Herron said. “By uniting medical and scientific expertise with technology, sponsors are able to leverage automation to virtually process key Events from numerous sources, documented in alignment with the clinical protocol.”   Benefits of Bioclinica Clinical Adjudication include:

  • Complete and accurate capture of protocol-defined endpoints; 

  • Quality supporting documentation for suspected endpoints; 

  • A standardized means to confirm the endpoint drawing on the medical and scientific expertise of independent experts; 

  • Accurate and timely review of events; 

  • Transparency in workflow status; 

  • Immediate data accessibility via analytics; and 

  • Integration with EDC systems to minimize data entry. 

“Whether replacing manual methods or upgrading from earlier electronic adjudication alternatives, Bioclinica customers can expect to see tangible results and lasting value,” Herron comments. “Real-time access to adjudication results and data reports helps slash time and resources while decreasing errors and costs to complete adjudication. We’re pleased to bring this unique and beneficial service to the industry.”     About Bioclinica Bioclinica is a global life sciences solution provider that utilizes science and technology to bring clarity to clinical trials-helping companies to develop new life-improving therapies more efficiently and safely. Successful clinical trials require the ability to see key details and uncover hidden insights, and Bioclinica’s hundreds of experienced scientific, medical, and domain experts bring unmatched insight across the development lifecycle, from the initial protocol to post-approval. The company’s cloud-based offerings include medical imaging; cardiac safety; clinical adjudication; randomization and trial supply management and optimization; electronic and eSource data capture; site payments and forecasting; pharmacovigilance; trial management; and risk-based monitoring solutions. A true multifaceted partner to trial sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Bioclinica offers an integrated App xChange partner ecosystem, a global network of research sites, patient recruitment services, and post-approval research expertise to provide committed, detail-focused service through all stages of drug development.  The company’s thousands of employees serve more than 400 pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device organizations-including all of the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies and leading CROs-through a network of offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.   Learn more about Bioclinica and our Clinical Adjudication and other offerings at

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