BioClinica Launches New IVR/IWR Platform, Trident IWR


Company News Release

BioClinica, Inc. announced the launch of its new IVR/IWR (interactive voice response/interactive web response) platform, Trident IWR, at the 2010 Society for Clinical Data Management Annual Conference (SCDM). Trident IWR’s interface provides clinical operations personnel with an intuitive and faster way to directly set up, monitor, and maintain randomization and supplies for their clinical trials.  

“We believe that Trident will fundamentally change the IVR/IWR market. Trident gives customers the ability to build complex trials in a quicker and less costly manner than previous alternatives which require the development of custom programming for each new clinical trial,” said Mark Weinstein, CEO of BioClinica.  

Designed from inception as a web-based system, Trident simultaneously delivers IVR phone support through the same simplified configuration process. It is fully synchronized with BioClinica Optimizer a clinical supply simulation and visualization package. Study designs simulated in Optimizer can configure Trident IWR to precisely match the optimal scenario identified using Optimizer. After deployment, Trident data can update Optimizer, and then Optimizer can re-simulate and reforecast.  BioClinica will conduct educational Trident-related webinars beginning in November 2010. For more information about these sessions please visit:

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