BioClinica Launches Optimizer to Improve Clinical Trial Supply Planning


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BioClinica™, Inc., (NASDAQ: BIOC), a global provider of clinical trial management services, today announced the launch of BioClinica Optimizer, a breakthrough for clinical supply planning and management that it believes has the potential to transform clinical trial supply forecasting and management. BioClinica Optimizer is a new product that combines and enhances the features of tcVisualize and tcOptimizer developed by Tourtellotte Solutions, which was acquired by BioClinica in September 2009.  Allowing a customer to move beyond the current environment of spreadsheets and manual tools to plan and analyze clinical supply chains programmatically, BioClinica Optimizer integrates planning and feedback loops with other eClinical technologies.

“BioClinica now offers the premiere eClinical solution available to help our customers plan, forecast and optimize their clinical trials,” said Mark Weinstein, CEO of BioClinica, Inc. “Optimizer provides customers the ability to streamline this vital process, potentially saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars per trial.”

“As the complexity of clinical trials continues to increase, it is imperative that accurate clinical supply planning -- coupled with rigorous tracking -- be a standard part of the process,” said Ed Tourtellotte, VP of Product Innovation for BioClinica. “Many trials today are simply too complex and expensive to forecast without simulation.  Though savings in materials and logistics can be substantial, the real win is to foresee and prevent stock-outs.  Running out of critical supplies requires emergency shipments or catastrophically can even risk an entire trial, potentially costing both time and millions of dollars.  Based upon the successes that our customers have had thus far, we can say with confidence that our new Optimizer product provides the optimal supply forecasting solution.”

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