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INDIANAPOLIS – Responding to a growing need for compliant and cost-effective solutions for shipping temperature-sensitive biological samples and materials, BioStorage Technologies announced the launch of its new mobile biorepository – OSIRIS(TM) (Overland Sample Inventory Relocation and Intelligent Shipping).  

BioStorage Technologies designed the mobile unit specifically for sample transition, relocation and emergency response services. Equipped with sophisticated ultra-low freezer and refrigeration systems, the 52-foot, multi-temperature trailer is capable of transporting a multitude of cargo, including biomaterials, such as plasma, blood and tissue samples. OSIRIS also has the capability of storing and transporting valuable active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and manufactured drug products.

“OSIRIS utilizes today’s most innovative tracking, storing and temperature control technology to essentially transform a semi-trailer into a fully compliant biorepository on wheels. It’s truly the first of its kind,” said Jeff Clark, global head of logistics and facilities, Biostorage Technologies. “Whether our customers are distributing manufactured products, transferring clinical trial materials or consolidating samples from multiple research facilities, OSIRIS allows our specialized team of logistics experts to provide door-to-door, full-scale support during the entire drug development process.”

"OSIRIS represents an investment of more than $575,000 and further highlights BioStorage Technologies continued investment, leadership and commitment into the biorepository industry," said Lori Ball, senior vice president of global operations, BioStorage Technologies.

BioStorage Technologies partnered with Indiana-based PACE AIR FREIGHT, which specializes in pharmaceutical cold chain transportation, to oversee the planning, development and implementation of OSIRIS.  “Fifteen months ago BioStorage came to PACE with a novel concept that required the involvement of various parties. Thanks to the efforts of many Indiana companies working together, the concept is now reality,” said Robert Pfeffer, president of PACE AIR FREIGHT.

To ensure OSIRIS is equipped with today’s most advanced, efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration technology, BioStorage collaborated with Thermo King®, a world leader in temperature control systems for mobile applications. “The opportunity to work on the OSIRIS mobile unit is an unequalled experience in my 30-year career with Thermo King,” said Mike Frewer, vice president and GM, Thermo King of Indiana, Central.

Custom-built by Great Dane Trailers, OSIRIS features the latest ingenuity in semi-trailer design for exceptional temperature management flexibility. “Working with BioStorage Technologies on this project proved to be a rewarding challenge, utilizing a total team effort that resulted in the tremendous success of the design and manufacture of this one-of-a-kind trailer,” said Chad Howard, sales representative, Great Dane Trailers Indianapolis.

Indianapolis-based Aero Industries played an integral role in the design and fabrication of various custom-made parts of the trailer, including specialized stainless steel compartments to house generators and electrical equipment. Aero also developed and installed customized workstation and communication cabinets. For added security, OSIRIS has a six-camera surveillance system designed by Apachi Networks and installed by Integrated Security Solutions. It includes an eight-channel recorder that monitors the driver, the exterior and interior of the trailer at all times.

In line with BST commitment to the environment, a 2010 Volvo VN6T tractor was selected to tow OSIRIS. Outfitted with the latest fuel efficiency and green emission technology, the tractor is EPA compliant in all 50 states. The tractor is equipped with a Cummins ISX engine rated at 500-horsepower, and its 300-gallon fuel capacity allows OSIRIS to travel 2,000 miles without refueling.    

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