BioTrial Offers Faster, More Cost-Effective Phase I Clinical Trials to U.S. Biotech and Pharma Companies

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Company to attend BIO 2005 in Philadelphia

Chicago, June 6, 2005 -- A new European directive soon to be implemented in France will reduce the starting period for clinical trials to 20 days. French Contract Research Organization Biotrial offers to perform phase I and II clinical trials in Europe for American biotechnology companies in a more flexible, cost-effective manner than under FDA guidelines. With its units in Paris and Rennes, the company can house 150 phase I beds and guarantee an internationally recognized level of quality. Well known amongst the major pharmaceutical leaders, Biotrial has recently developed a partnership policy particularly suitable for biotechnologies, offering a global solution, covering products from toxicology studies to phase II studies.

The phase I units provide comprehensive clinical pharmacology services covering all stages of drug evaluation. The range of Phase I investigations provided by Biotrial includes: first-in-man, safety after single and repeated dosing in non-patient volunteers, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics/dose-effect relationships, pharmacokinetics in special populations, and drug interaction studies (drug-food, drug-drug and drug-alcohol interactions based on pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic assessment).

Biotrial's clinical staff has developed professional experience in the management of clinical trials. For research in oncology in particular, Biotrial has been granted authorization by the French Regulatory Authorities to carry out phase I and phase IIa clinical studies in its Brittany Oncology Trial Center developed in partnership with the Eugene Marquis Cancer Institute.

Founded in 1989 and located close to the University of Rennes in Brittany, France, Biotrial is an independent, privately owned Contract Research Organization. More than 140 employees work in state-of-the-art facilities in Rennes, Paris and London. Its corporate headquarters in Rennes covers 50,000 ft2 including a 92-bed phase I unit with intensive care monitoring equipment and laboratories for preclinical in vivo studies. The Paris center contains 24 beds. Both facilities offer global solution for research centers, covering products from toxicology studies to phase II studies.

Biotrial will participate in BIO 2005 in Philadelphia from June 19 to 22, 2005 (Booth 1827 Hall B,) and the DIA in Washington, D.C. from June 26 to 29 (Booth 1456). The company plans to open an office in the United States by the end of 2005 to conduct partnerships with American companies.

About Biotrial
Biotrial is an independent CRO (Contract Research Organization), which performs, phase I to IV trials for the pharmaceutical industry, providing a complete service (including data-management, statistics and Medical Writing) as well as non-clinical trials (safety pharmacology). The company records earnings of 20 million euros, 65% of which comes from companies outside of France. For more information, please visit