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Bracket announced its first acquisition since launching last month.  Arrowhead Electronic Healthcare, a global provider of electronic Patient-Reported Outcome (ePRO) technologies, will join Bracket.  Bracket is committed to building a broad platform of technology tools to improve how pharmaceutical research and development is conducted. Handheld ePRO is a natural complement to Bracket’s existing eClinical platform.

UBC launched Bracket, a Specialty Services provider last month. Adam Butler, vice president at UBC and who is spearheading Bracket, told Applied Clinical Trials: "We formed Bracket on the premise that a comprehensive re-examination of how pharmaceutical research and development is conducted was required. I think it's clear that the combination of technology tools and clinical expertise will be a core part of how we improve R&D, and I expect to see an increasing focus on improving the way we integrate technology into these programs." For more on the Bracket launch, listen to this podcast.

As part of the Arrowhead acquisition,
·        Arrowhead’s ePRO solutions will be integrated into Bracket’s existing suite of eClinical tools, including IVRS, IWRS, and e-Learning platforms.
·        Arrowhead's ePRO solutions are uniquely engineered to better capture the true patient experience in clinical studies so trial sponsors can focus on making better, faster drug development decisions.
·        Independent research indicates sharp increases in the adoption and use of handheld ePRO tools in clinical trials over the next two years.
·        Arrowhead's ePRO-LOG™ software platform is used on smartphones, tablet computers, the Web, and text messaging applications.  

Arrowhead’s trademarked technologies include:

·        ePRO-LOG™ Smartphone

·        Ideal for frequently administering questionnaires and when portability and alarm reminders are essential.

·        ePRO-LOG™ Tablet

·        Excellent for studies where content is dense, moderate portability is needed, and Internet availability is limited. ePRO-LOG™ Tablet can be deployed at site or patients' homes; many Quality of Life questionnaires are good candidates for tablet computers.

·        ePRO-LOG™ Web

·        ePRO-LOG™ Web works well on studies with dense content and where patients have regular access to Web sites or 3G Web-enabled phones. ePRO-LOG™ Web can be administered at home or in clinic; many Quality of Life questionnaires are good candidates for Web.

·        ePRO-LOG™ SMS

·        Optimal for simple data logging and alert notifications, ePRO-LOG™ SMS is highly mobile and relatively inexpensive.


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