Bracket Introducing New Mobile App and Bracket ePRO 5.1


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Innovations enhance patient safety, supplies tracking and real time data collection

Bracket, a leading clinical trial specialty service provider, will demonstrate their most recent eClinical innovations at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Drug Industry Association. A mobile app, part of the Bracket RTSM/Clinical IRT solutions, records subject visits and confirms medication dispensation, allowing site personnel to spend more time with patients and improved operational execution. In addition, the latest version of Bracket ePRO™ will also be available for demonstration.

The Bracket RTSM app has bar code scanning capabilities and is a new method for recording transactions at sites which better reflects the workflow at clinics and hospitals where much of today’s new medicines are being trialed. Site users can randomize, record visits and verify the medications dispensed to subjects all through a personal handheld device. Bracket RTSM App will be available for download in the App Store on iTunes for Apple iOS devices and in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Bracket ePRO ™ is the latest electronic clinical outcomes assessments (eCOA) solution used by patients, clinicians and other observers to enter study data and answer questionnaires. Bracket’s ePRO platform has been used in over 70 countries and nearly 80 languages during clinical trials, medication and disease management programs and comparative effectiveness studies to optimize clinical research.

WHO: Jim Primerano, Sr. Vice President & General Manager, eClinical
WHAT: Bracket RTSM mobile app and Bracket ePRO ™ demo
WHEN: June 15-19, San Diego Convention Center
WHERE: Booth #1001

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