Bracket Releases Latest Version of Endpoint Reliability Platform: Rater Station 3.5

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Applied Clinical Trials

Debuting at CNS Summit 2014

Bracket is pleased to announce the release of Rater Station 3.5, our core technology platform.  Rater Station 3.5 offers the advantages of a single system for management of clinical trial data collection and advanced Endpoint Reliability® solutions.  Bracket’s Rater Station has been chosen by drug developers and CROs for its proven capabilities in numerous pivotal worldwide trials.

Dr. Gary Sachs, the original Rater Station inventor and now Clinical Vice President at Bracket, commented, “The latest version of Rater Station reflects over ten years of continuous improvement to the product and addresses several key sponsor needs, including Electronic Source (eSource) collection, auditable data workflow, and Blinded Data Analytics (BDA).”

Using Bracket’s proprietary electronic scale administration tool, the Rater Station’s capabilities include delivery of more than 50 diverse electronic scales.  Rather than turning paper-based scales into PDF forms, Rater Station combines technology with the expertise of Bracket’s clinicians and a network of external experts to improve workflow, reduce errors, and ensure consistent scale administration.

Barbara A. Baldwin, Director of Clinical Research at Harmonex Neuroscience Research, stated, "Bracket's Rater Station is very simple to use for both site staff and patients. Patients can easily answer scales more efficiently, which saves time during study visits.  The information is effortlessly uploaded due to the ability to transfer files wirelessly, and reports are quickly sent to site staff. Bracket's Rater Station makes collecting data from patients easy and efficient."


Rater Station’s review, correction, and approval process allow it to be the system of record.  Once the data has been transmitted back to Bracket, a team of clinicians examines the data using statistical risk-based quality metrics to identify anomalies, administration errors, and areas for concern.  These issues are then discussed with the sponsor and timely remediation is initiated.

The Rater Station 3.5 also integrates with Bracket’s Blinded Data Analytics programs, which provide sponsors a visual dashboard of key study metrics and eliminates the need to comb through massive datasets to identify outliers.  The dashboard brings efficiency by displaying outliers ranked by their potential to impact the quality of study data.  Bracket’s clinicians help sponsors to interpret the data and provide actionable recommendations to resolve issues. 

Dr. David Daniel, Bracket’s Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, commented, “Bracket’s Rater Station 3.5 Clinical Trials Platform facilitates risk-based monitoring of clinical trial data for aberrant rating patterns and patient selection anomalies.  Risk-based monitoring may be most effective when paired with a toolbox of Rater Station based instruments designed to enhance data quality collection, such as prompted interviews, intelligent e-scale design, and e-workbooks.  Blinded data monitoring can be paired with tandem ratings or audio/video surveillance to cost effectively identify at-risk sites in global clinical trials.”