Building Clinical Trials with Trust


Integrated research organizations (IROs) are creating a shift in the way clinical trials are operated, bringing new methods for enrollment and building patient-physician relationships.

Charlotte Grayson, MD, clinical research medical director, Privia Health highlights her journey to becoming a physician and eventually getting involved with clinical trials. She also discusses what integrated research organizations (IROs) are now bringing to the table and how they are effective in enrollment and building patient-physician relationships.

About the speaker

Charlotte Grayson, MD is an Internist and partner with the First Georgia Physicians Group. Grayson works with Privia Health as clinical research medical director, managing and overseeing physician clinical trial programs at Privia Medical Group and Privia Quality Network in Georgia. She is also a principal investigator with Javara. Grayson earned her MD in internal medicine from the Boston University School of Medicine and completed her residency at the Medical University of South Carolina.

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