Built-in Effort Tracking Streamlines Resource Allocation and Budgeting for Users of Allegro CTMS@Site

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Company News Release

The summer release of Allegro [email protected]®, from Forte Research Systems, Inc., is full of new features that allow sites to operate more dynamically and efficiently. The clinical trial management system has new calendar options for managing staff time and expanded report choices. In addition, the summer release includes the feature of staff effort tracking.

The new functionality in Allegro [email protected] can help solve the problem of underestimating the number of hours staff spends on activities by allowing the site to track the staff time involved on any number of clinical trials, based on user-defined categories. Additionally, the staff management calendar feature grants selected site staff the opportunity to view schedules of other staff members from within the CTMS.


To set up a demonstration of Allegro [email protected] or to learn more, please contact Forte Research Systems.