CEDRA Corporation Offers Gyrolab Instrumentation


Company News Release

CEDRA Corporation, a division of Worldwide Clinical Trials, announced that it has purchased the Gyrolab™ xP  workstation for use in its bioanalytical research, specifically for ligand binding analysis.  CEDRA is employing the new Gyrolab in its Ligand Binding Assay (LBA) laboratory in Austin, Texas.

The Gyrolab's technology changes the multistep process involved in conventional LBA applications into single procedures.  The Gyrolab also has the ability to integrate assay steps for protein quantification immunoassays.

“We believe the addition of the Gyrolab to our LBA laboratories is significant and represents our dedication to enhancing the capabilities offered to the biopharmaceutical research industry,” said William Nowatzke, Ph.D., Director, Ligand Binding Assay Group, CEDRA Corporation.  “A key driver to our business is the dedication to staying on the forefront of technology.”

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