Clariness Announces Role in Supporting YPrime's Patient and Site eCOA Initiatives


Clariness announces its support of YPrime’s ongoing commitment to enhance the patient and site eCOA experience, by delivering insights from more than 2,000 patients, in four countries, assessing patient demographics and psychographics.

Assessing the digital behaviors and trial awareness of a diverse international population, Clariness received patient insights across five therapeutic areas, including oncology, immunology, rare diseases, central nervous system, and dermatology.

Clariness was tasked with providing insights from 1,600 patients, gathering data on digital device usage behaviors, app and notification preferences, and previous trial experiences. Clariness delivered insights from over 2,000 patients, in two months, which could be segmented by patient age, medical condition, education level, ethnicity, spoken language, and more.


Clariness delivers more than 50,000 patient data points to drive YPrime’s customer experience. (2023, April 24). Clariness.

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