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ClearTrial today launched ClearTrial 4, a major upgrade to the company's product line. ClearTrial 4 includes new features that enhance the way that biopharmaceutical and medical device companies plan, source, and track clinical trials. The new release includes ClearTrial Task Manager, a feature which enables organizations to add their own tasks and algorithms extending the ClearTrial Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to more precisely align with their study requirements and business processes.

ClearTrial Task Manager takes advantage of the software's activity-based costing methodology, which is widely used in industries that have long faced cost and resource pressure.  Sometimes referred to as a bottom-up or project-management approach, activity-based costing begins by predicting the level of effort for a specific resource (person) to perform a given task (activity). The level of effort is calculated based on an algorithm that has been derived from experience and analysis of the cost and time drivers that affect each task.  

ClearTrial algorithms are based on continuously updated research into clinical study cost and time drivers.  Based on this research, all the tasks and subtasks that comprise a clinical study are defined and grouped in a way that helps organize and define the total work scope of the project—the ClearTrial Work Breakdown Structure.  Transparent to users, it is this Work Breakdown Structure running in the background that allows ClearTrial customers to conduct accurate study planning by entering their clinical assumptions into the software.

ClearTrial Task Manager provides a view of the tasks and subtasks comprising their current Work Breakdown Structure.  Taking a "wizard"-style approach, ClearTrial Task Manager allows users to add, delete, or edit tasks—as well as their related resources and level-of-effort algorithms—with a few clicks of a mouse.  For example, a drop-down menu lists more than 20 drivers, such as site, location, or CRF pages that can be used to drive costs for a clinical study task.

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