Clinart Brings Clinerion into MENA Region


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Clinart will collaborate with Clinerion to expand its international network of healthcare institution partners in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Clinart will also offer Clinerion’s services to advance academic and sponsored research in MENA.

Clinart has a position as an innovative regional contract research organization offering a full-service end-to-end solution and access in the MENA region. Clinart will support Clinerion by linking sites and hospitals to the global network on Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer (PNEx) platform. This will help hospitals in the region be more visible and accessible for global trial sponsors and attract more studies to the region. Clinart will also offer services derived from PNEx for the running of local real-world evidence studies and academic research.

The partnership supports Clinart’s vision to support patients and healthcare providers by making the region more visible to trial sponsors, attracting more international studies to the region, enabling capable local organizations to run real-world evidence projects, and facilitating local academic research across the region.

The collaboration will initially focus on the Gulf countries of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. This will expand later to other countries in the region.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Clinerion in the MENA region,” says Alaa Assem, President & CEO of Clinart. “We believe that the region can benefit from this partnership through the improvement of visibility of the region on a global level. By providing better access to Real World Evidence data and analytics from the region, we can generate a better understanding of disease prevalence and treatment patterns in geographies which are currently underrepresented. We are strongly positioned to support Clinerion with this initiative and also to support the sites with establishing the required infrastructure and resources needed to successfully deliver.”

“Clinerion is thrilled to have a partner who can support us in our efforts to improve patient outcomes in the MENA region,” says Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “Clinart has an excellent reputation and a network capable of making things happen.”

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