ClinEdge & BTC Network Launch “Patient-First Triple Win” Program, a Fully Integrated Site and Patient Solution


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BOSTON, July 18, 2018 – ClinEdge and BTC Network, full-service providers of global patient engagement solutions and a global network of research clinics, have joined forces to launch the “Patient-First Triple Win” program.

The new initiative will be a fully integrated site and patient solution, positioned to disrupt site initiation, patient concierge services, and health program development within clinical trials. The overarching goal of “Patient-First Triple Win” is to establish itself as a first of its kind, full-service, hub-and-spoke integrated site and patient model that puts the patient at the center of clinical research.

“The research site landscape is rapidly evolving, and as more trials are seeking niche patient populations with an exceedingly high chance that they will not enroll any patients, clinical studies need adaptive patient and site selection models to meet patient recruitment and retention timelines,” ClinEdge President, Christian Burns, stated. “Our ‘Patient-First Triple Win’ program was created specifically to address and reshape the industry’s site selection and patient recruitment practices.”

Site Acceleration Model

The program will serve as a site acceleration model, designed to combine three distinct and experienced teams into one integrated program. “Patient First Triple Win” intends to make the clinical trial process easier and more accessible by offering the following options: access to a global network of sites, amplified patient engagement, direct-to-patient/caregiver travel concierge services, and a site infrastructure toolkit for research-naïve physicians and health centers.

To guide the processes of study planning, trial start-up, and study enrollment, “Patient First Triple Win” breaks down into three objectives:

  • Provide all patients with the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.

  • Ensure great service is provided to the patient and caregiver considering or enrolled in each study program.

  • Support experienced and research-naïve physicians and healthcare programs with the opportunity to introduce studies to patients and offer innovative solutions that decrease time spent on start-up and enrollment practices.

“Patient-First Triple Win” provides access to a global network of research clinics with innovative study start-up and enrollment practices. This fully integrated site network allows for a unique, closed-loop process that can be tailored to the specific requirements of any study, such as the need for more patients, faster start-up, site footprint reduction, front-loaded enrollment, or enrollment completion within a specific time frame.

Patient Concierge Support

“Patient-First Triple Win” also provides full-service patient concierge support throughout a patient’s study journey, from start-up to completion. The program offers in-house patient coordinators to be the main point of contact for patients throughout the clinical trial process, planning everything from travel, logistics, pre-screening, and study education, to technology training.

Site Infrastructure Toolkit

Based on the need to build or supplement a research facility for specific purposes due to study criteria, the “Patient First Triple Win” program offers an in-house service utilizing the “Site Infrastructure Toolkit,” which offers research-naive physicians the opportunity to conduct the trial at their own clinics. The toolkit provides a clinical trial with access to local, experienced clinical study personnel, procedures, technology, and infrastructure necessary for success.

This program utilizes the power of BTC Network’s local research staff combined with ClinEdge’s in-house staffing agency to identify and establish regulatory-approved clinical site programs at needed locations even after a patient has been identified and a site needs to be created.

Once a patient has been identified, educated, and pre-screened for the clinical trial, the local clinical trial coordinators can work with local study programs to coordinate patient participation, utilizing our staff as study personnel. By leveraging data, technology, and trusted physician relationships, this program radically reduces enrollment times and impacts health outcomes on behalf of clinical trials.

There is no blueprint model for a single clinical trial in the current landscape, but ClinEdge and BTC Network are hopeful that by leveraging the unique approach of the “Patient First Triple Win” program, the two organizations will be able to enhance trial accessibility for patients, streamline enrollment for sponsors, and create opportunities for physicians and clinics.



ClinEdge is a full-service business development, marketing, and patient recruitment firm dedicated to the success of clinical trials. The company’s two divisions, ClinEdge Engage, a leader in patient recruitment and retention, and ClinEdge Network, a network of high-performing investigational facilities across three continents, cultivate and maintain strong relationships with the world’s leading research facilities, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs). For more information, please visit

BTC Network

BTC Network is an organization dedicated to streamlining the entire clinical trial process. BTC’s integrated network of research sites takes advantage of centralized services including pipeline management, financial operations, regulatory assistance, and patient recruitment. BTC works with sites and sponsors alike to make the conduct of clinical trials more efficient and cost-effective. For more information, please visit

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