Clinerion Partners with 2 GL Outsourcing


Applied Clinical Trials

2 GL Outsourcing will support Clinerion in expanding the coverage of the Patient Network Explorer platform to patients and hospitals in Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, who will be matched to sponsored, international clinical trials.

2 GL Outsourcing is a pharmaceutical and clinical contract research and outsourcing organization providing a full range of professional services for the setting up and support of clinical research and development projects. 2 GL’s scope of operations covers the territories of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company also has partnerships in Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia and Kazakhstan.

With this partnership, 2 GL will support the expansion of the network of partner hospitals on the Patient Network Explorer platform to the countries 2 GL covers, leveraging its clinical research ecosystem in the region. In addition, 2 GL will also support the start-up and conducting of trials at sites joining the Clinerion network.

Separately and in combination, Clinerion and 2 GL’s services will accelerate access for patients and hospitals to next-generation medical treatments. Patients in the region will become more visible to sponsors for trial recruitment, and hospitals in the region will become better placed to run clinical trials.

Patient Network Explorer matches patients from Clinerion’s global network of hospitals to clinical trials run by pharmaceutical sponsors. The system is based on de-identified EHR data, unlinked from any identifiers, protecting patient privacy.

“Clinerion is working hard to bring medicines quicker to patients around the world,” says Ian Rentsch, Clinerion CEO. “2 GL offers a great network which can support the expansion of our coverage in the region.”

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