Clinerion Partners with Alpha MD to Fast Track Innovative Treatments in India

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Applied Clinical Trials

Clinerion is partnering with Alpha MD to expand patient treatment options in India. Indian patients may be matched with international research studies by bringing Indian healthcare organizations onto the Patient Network Explorer platform.

Alpha MD is a global clinical research and technology consultancy that provides end-to-end solutions to healthcare partners.

With this partnership, patients in India will gain better access to clinical care as the Patient Network Explorer draws international clinical studies to the country, directly to the patients who will benefit most from participation in trials. Patients will also benefit from the efficiencies created in the clinical research process by Patient Network Explorer which contribute to getting drugs faster to market. Patient Network Explorer’s efficiencies include accelerating study protocol development, identifying suitable trial sites, and speeding up patient search and identification for trial enrollment.

"We all are aware that identifying eligible patients for a trial is a long and costly process,” says Dr. Sanobar Parkar, Global Head Life Sciences, Alpha MD. “Many approvals or new drug launches in the market are delayed due to slow recruitment, thus costing a lot of money to sponsors. In addition, even patients who can benefit from participation in a clinical trial, especially in the oncology field, miss the opportunity due to lack of awareness of available study protocols among treating physicians. As a life science lead and a physician, I feel both these requirements are successfully met by the HIPAA and GDPR compliant Clinerion platform. By being part of this network, hospitals and patients in India will have access to global trials. This is necessary in making all alternatives available to patients and this will also eventually help in bringing new medicines to the Indian market and sooner.”


“We are eager to support the clinical care of patients in India by leveraging the benefits of Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer,” says Ian Rentsch, Clinerion CEO. “With their strong presence in India, Alpha MD is well-placed to help us develop our site network there.”


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