Clinerion Partners with Volv Global

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Applied Clinical Trials

Volv Global’s inTrigue AI algorithms identify diagnostic signals from patient medical record data.

The partnership brings this capability to the Patient Network Explorer platform, which comprises patient data from across Clinerion’s global network of hospital partners.

Use of Volv’s inTrigue AI algorithms on Patient Network Explorer will allow for more intelligent identification of disease onset among patients in Clinerion’s network.

The partnership between Clinerion and Volv Global plans to bring benefits to patients by combining Volv’s cohort identification algorithms with Clinerion’s growing data network of hospitals around the world. The Volv and Clinerion partnership will deploy Volv’s inTrigue algorithms across many more hospitals and this will create tangible outcomes for patients who suffer from late diagnosis of between seven and 15 years, as well as from misdiagnosis and subsequent increased disease burden.

Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer leverages patient electronic health record (EHR) data to offer data intelligence for the acceleration of drug development, bringing innovative drugs earlier to patients. PNEx performs real-time patient data analytics on electronic medical records from Clinerion’s network of connected hospitals to offer solutions for clinical trial patient recruitment and generate data for real-world evidence. This process accelerates recruitment, the most prominent reason for trial delays, which result in avoidable suffering of patients and cost pharmaceutical companies sales revenues.


“Our partnership brings direct benefits to patients by combining Volv’s uniquely accurate cohort identification algorithms with Clinerion’s rapidly growing data network of hospitals around the world,“ says Christopher Rudolf, CEO of Volv. “We can jointly offer a wider reach for earlier diagnosis of rare diseases and enhanced clinical trial cohort selection through the inTrigue toolset and Clinerion’s PNEx.”

“AI integration is the next crucial step in the development of Patient Network Explorer,” says Ian Rentsch, Clinerion CEO. “Volv’s technologies will support us in harnessing the full power of the patient data in our hospital partners’ databases, to the betterment of patient outcomes throughout our network.”

Clinerion and Volv Global will launch their partnership at a special event at the Intelligent Health AI conference.