Clinerion Partners with Wefight


Applied Clinical Trials

Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform allows clinical trial sponsors to identify cohorts of patients eligible for recruitment from its global network of partner hospitals. Wefight’s Vik app brings appropriate support to patients throughout the patient journey. The collaboration will bring Vik’s patients a view on clinical studies they are eligible for.

Wefight’s Vik is a virtual companion supporting patients through their healthcare pathway. Vik brings patients appropriate support and engages patients over the long run. The app provides consented patients with a platform to gather information about their disease. Through partnership with Clinerion, Vik will now also leverage both retrospective data at the hospital level and direct-to-patient prospective data to identify, engage and recruit patients to participate in the most appropriate clinical trials, according to the trials’ protocol criteria.

Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer helps sponsors match their trial protocols to live patient populations in Clinerion’s international network of partner hospitals. Through partnership with Wefight, the platform now also powers patient-centered recruitment.

“Many patients from our community are asking Vik, our virtual companion, to suggest the most appropriate trial they could participate in,” says Julien Moussalli, Head of Business Development of Wefight. “Patients are willing to participate in research; our role is to make the process easier. Clinical trials should no longer fail because of unmet patient recruitment timelines.”

“Clinerion is dedicated to improving patient health and outcomes by leveraging real-world data from its network of hospital partners,” says Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “Partnership with Wefight gives additional options to patients and their treating physicians for the very best in patient care.”

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