Clinical Conductor CTMS and Schulman Associates IRB Join Forces to Simplify Clinical Trial Management


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Bio-Optronics, Inc. and Schulman Associates IRB are proud to announce their partnership and their newly integrated regulatory compliance module for the Clinical Conductor Enterprise CTMS application. This collaboration offers Clinical Conductor Enterprise CTMS users streamlined IRB interactions from one centralized location.

"One of the many challenges researchers face over the course of a study is managing IRB documentation," said Robann Cunningham, Vice President of Business Development and Client Relations at Schulman Associates IRB. "By partnering with Bio-Optronics, we seek to simplify and streamline the administrative tasks involved in IRB interactions. Our collaborative solution combines the Clinical Conductor Enterprise CTMS document management tools with Schulman's WebPortal system to increase transparency throughout the IRB process and reduce the workload for study staff."

Integrating Schulman's WebPortal system with Clinical Conductor Enterprise CTMS from Bio-Optronics provides clinical researchers with functional tools that had been largely absent from the marketplace. Researchers have access to document management tools and IRB submission portals as standalone solutions, but through this integration, researchers have access to everything with just a few clicks. Clinical research staff can now monitor Schulman Associates IRB's review activities from within Clinical Conductor Enterprise CTMS.

"We have combined the leading central IRB e-tools with the leading CTMS system and can now offer users unparalleled efficiency in study management," said Mike Kamish, Vice President and CTO at Bio-Optronics. "Clients now are able to manage all interactions with Schulman Associates IRB from one location, dramatically streamlining the process, while maintaining the high quality and leading standards Schulman Associates IRB and Bio-Optronics have established for themselves."

This integration reflects the first phase of the Schulman Associates IRB and Bio-Optronics partnership. Future planned phases will offer additional tools to enhance and streamline workflow, including document submission from directly within Clinical Conductor Enterprise CTMS and automated population of IRB forms with information from the Clinical Conductor database. Additionally, future phases will include reporting functionality to track adverse events and protocol deviations.

Bio-Optronics, Inc. is a software and services provider specialized in solutions to help healthcare and life sciences professionals manage and optimize workflow, thus enhancing quality, productivity and patient and staff satisfaction. Since 1985, Bio-Optronics has demonstrated leadership in innovation, expertise in workflow and integration and a focus on unparalleled customer service while providing clinical trial management systems to over 1,500 research organizations around the world.

Schulman Associates IRB is an international, AAHRPP-accredited independent institutional review board (IRB). Since 1983, Schulman has provided human subject protection services for sponsors, CROs, institutions and research sites. Schulman's comprehensive suite of IRB review services includes dedicated review capabilities for all phases of research. Schulman is committed to providing high quality, rigorous IRB reviews via streamlined processes, customized technology solutions and responsive customer service.

For more information about this innovative software solution integration, please contact Sergio Armani from Bio-Optronics at [email protected] and Stephanie Pyle of Schulman Associates IRB at [email protected]

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