Clinical Conductor CTMS Takes Aim at Optimizing Oncology Clinical Trials


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The team behind Clinical Conductor is proud to announce brand new enhancements to the CTMS.

The team behind Clinical Conductor is proud to announce brand new enhancements to the industry-leading CTMS. This first oncology focused release of several in the coming quarters adds a multitude of advanced features and functionalities designed to optimize the management and execution of oncology studies at organizations of all sizes and makeups.

While clinical trial management systems (CTMS) offer oncology-based solutions, Clinical Conductor is the only CTMS to build oncology-specific functionality directly into a robust, already-existing CTMS workflow. The resulting outcome allows organizations to successfully run complex oncology studies while also maximizing profitability and achieving high quality clinical research results.

The first major advancement in the latest release of Clinical Conductor CTMS is adaptive and dynamic protocol design. These features let organizations have precise control and understanding of the varying patient protocols within the same study. Organizations will also be able to move patients between different arms of the same study more easily, create patient visit cycles and build varying procedures by study.

Billing compliance functionality within Clinical Conductor has also been enhanced, allowing organizations managing and executing oncology studies to create multiple versions of cost-allocation grids for multi-arm trials, providing more accurate billing information with less time and effort. Also, Clinical Conductor’s financial tools accommodate complex and changing protocols, allowing organizations to effectively bill for recurring visits and other complexities that result from oncology protocol design. In addition to this, organizations can set specific Medicare coverage designations at specific sites.

Clinical Conductor CTMS also contains National Cancer Institute (“NCI”) reporting functionality. This added functionality allows organizations to reduce the time spent tracking information necessary for NCI Data Tables 3 and 4 NCI, by allowing staff to compile NCI-specific information directly within Clinical Conductor. This functionality creates NCI-compliant reports and allows researchers to adhere to NCI grant requirements more easily.

“The latest release of Clinical Conductor delivers market-leading functionality for organizations running complex oncology trials, enabling them to not only implement protocols of ever increasing complexity but do so within an environment of enhanced efficiency and profitability.” Stated VP and COO Jeff Markin, “In the coming months we plan to release further oncology directed enhancements, furthering our leadership in providing the most comprehensive CTMS in the industry for organizations running complex clinical research.”

The addition of new oncology capabilities within Clinical Conductor CTMS is set to make a very positive impact on the oncology and complex research communities, as Clinical Conductor CTMS use expands into four of the largest health systems in the US, and many other academic medical centers and healthcare organizations around the world.

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