Clinical Ink Announces CentrosHealth Platform Captures Medical Device Data


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Winston-Salem, NC and PHILADELPHIA-July 16, 2015-Clinical Ink, the pioneering provider of eSource solutions for clinical trials, announced that CentrosHealth, the groundbreaking mobile patient engagement platform, now includes streamlined connectivity for a wide range of medical devices. Medical device connectivity is powered by the 2netTM Mobile Platform from Qualcomm Life, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated. This new platform was developed with cooperation from Novartis and PPD, global leaders in pharmaceuticals and clinical research, who are also supporting a pilot clinical study before broad commercial use.

“CentrosHealth delivers a true patient-centric experience by capturing real-time medical device data directly through an app running on a patient’s own cell phone,” comments Ed Seguine, CEO, Clinical Ink. “Working with PPD and Novartis to accomplish this ‘light-weight’ approach to capturing device data from patients as part of their normal daily activity has the potential to make study participation more convenient for patients while reducing costs and implementation challenges.” 

“Wearable technology and the associated tools have the potential to provide great benefits for PPD, Novartis and many of our clients,” said Mike Wilkinson, Ph.D., executive vice president and chief information officer, PPD. “With PPD’s focus on patient-centric clinical trials, the use of wearable devices integrated with the technologies patients use on a daily basis will help reduce the burden on those who participate in clinical trials. Through ongoing, patient-friendly dialogue and education, this leading-edge technology promises to help us minimize patient dropout, enhance patient communication and safety, and speed the trial process.”

“Wireless collection and aggregation of medical device information enables clinical trial data capture to occur in a convenient, seamless and real-life setting for patients in their home,” notes Rick Valencia, senior vice president and general manager, Qualcomm Life, Inc. “This increased mobility and objective near real-time data capture can reduce data errors and bring more data transparency to clinical trials.”

The CentrosHealth platform supports creation of trial-specific mobile apps designed to personalize the patient experience during a clinical trial, expand the frequency and breadth of participant data collection, and enhance participant engagement and compliance. The technology offers trial teams unique, continuous insight into the patient trial experience, while supplying enhanced information for results analysis.

Through robust, contextually-relevant educational content offerings as well as calendar-integrated reminders, SMS communications, email and more, the CentrosHealth Platform helps patients remain involved, informed, compliant, and active throughout the clinical trial.

The enhanced CentrosHealth device connectivity offering integrates Qualcomm Life’s 2net Platform and 2net Mobile technologies to enable end-to-end medical device connectivity. Qualcomm Life’s transformational 2net Platform and open medical device ecosystem enable simplified, scalable device deployments while ensuring medical grade health data integrity, security and privacy.


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