Clinical Research Employment Trends Toward Independent Working

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Company News Release

A recent market analysis survey (Clinical Research Survey, December 2008) into the employment trends and aspirations of clinical research professionals working in the Clinical Research sectors has confirmed the move and willingness of people to consider independent contract based employment.

10% of the survey respondents currently operate as independent contractors, yet 60% have considered becoming contractors in the past and more interestingly over 84% said they would consider becoming contractors in the future.

The survey researched a base of Clinical Research personnel currently operating across international markets including the UK, Central and Eastern Europe and N. America. The survey was undertaken on behalf of Redtree People, a new marketplace initiative looking to serve the interests of what is believed to be the growing universe of contractors who have either been displaced from permanent employment due to the current economic climate or who have taken the positive decision to embark on a career in contracting.

In seeking independent working the survey pointed to the perceived benefits associated with contracting, being greater remuneration, feeling of independence and a more flexible working model. These positive requisites were counterbalanced by the traditional inhibitions and insecurity associated with job security and loss of company benefits. However 55% recognized there was a growing movement towards contracting in the sector with more than 20% believing it was the prevailing dynamic.

This dynamic, as reflected by the survey seems to concur with the current cycle where large Pharma organisations have shed staff in non core areas to become more ‘agile’, CRO’s in turn have taken on board Clinical Research personnel in the open market or via manpower outsourcing deals. This trend has caused some initial displacement of labour with others embarking on the contracting career path.

As the current demand for clinical trials remains under scrutiny, CRO’s may not be able to hold staffing levels indefinitely, as aborted or delayed trials become more prevalent which is bound to course further displacement in the market.

If and when the need and demand for clinical trials picks up, hirers are likely to supplement their resource requirements from the growing number of contractors.

Anticipating this trend towards independent working, Redtree People Limited has been formed aimed at serving the needs of the Clinical Research contractors to bring them together with Pharma and CRO’s. Redtree has deployed the 1st phase of its strategy in launching its new interactive online portal to serve both sides of the market.

The portal will create six zones implementing and incorporating active e learning, networking and my space functions to allow contractors to build and showcase their skills profiles.

Further support for contractors will be provided by a dedicated zone where business support services can be sourced as well as a tailored designed, employment placement engine.

To support Redtree Partners (Pharmas and CRO’s) in their contractor candidate selection process, Redtree will be provide a ‘direct to market’ search interface along with an area where partners can profile their employment value and project requirements.