Clinical Research Management, a Full-Service CRO, Changes Its Name to ClinicalRM

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Company News Release

Clinical Research Management announced it is changing its name to ClinicalRM to support the company’s strategic business growth and to better differentiate itself among providers of clinical trial and research services for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

In conjunction with the name change, ClinicalRM is also launching a new website designed to increase communication to sponsors and partners regarding their range of capabilities and sponsor services.
When asked about a name change, Victoria Tifft, CEO and Founder of ClinicalRM responded, “When we started our business nearly two decades ago, Web URLs and e-mail addresses had very little to do with an identity. Since then, the world has come to rely on your web identity as your corporate identify. In this day and age, we need to make it easy for our prospective clients to find us and hear the ClinicalRM story.”


When asked “Why now?” Ms. Tifft described the growth strategies put in place to proactively add new customers to its long list of satisfied clients. “After years of organic growth, our board decided to take a more proactive position on growth. Understanding who you are, where you’ve been, and where you are headed is crucial to executing a growth strategy."