Clinlogix Opens New Office in Medellin, Columbia


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Clinlogix Selected as a Member of Ruta N Innovation Center

Clinlogix, a clinical research organization located just outside of Philadelphia, is proud to announce it has expanded its global locations to include Latin America with its new office in Medellin, Colombia.  The new office, located in Ruta N – Innovation Center, is part of a cluster of innovative companies aimed at bringing new technologic and economic development to the city and region. The influx of companies to the innovation center brands Colombia as an attractive destination for Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) procedures, paving the way for a higher degree of specialization in these sectors.

JeanMarie Markham, CEO of Clinlogix, described the aim of the venture, “Our intent is to support an innovative pathway as a hub assisting academic inventors, allowing public and private companies to validate their early and later stage technologies - globally. We will accomplish this by providing the requisite processes, management, oversight, and resources to achieve faster, more compliant regulatory approvals worldwide.”

Colombia provides a well-organized healthcare infrastructure with highly skilled physicians; coupled with a compliant and strong regulatory authority to support this effort. This structure fosters the perfect landing spot in Latin America for Clinlogix. Maria Claudia Lacouture, President of Proexport, a Colombian organization that promotes tourism, foreign investment, and exports in the country, stated that “Colombia not only offers legal certainty for Foreign Direct Investment with a growing economy and clear policies that foster innovation, but its greatest advantage in this sort of project consists in the highly qualified human resources, capable of offering high-caliber outsourcing services.”

Colombia is gaining international ground in terms of foreign investment attraction in the KPO industry as American multinational corporations have chosen the country to host their global innovation headquarters. Carlos Granada, VP Business Development – Emerging Technologies, stated “We are extremely excited about the opportunity identified in the market, which allows Clinlogix to leverage its extensive clinical and regulatory experience and transfer that knowledge to a variety of start-up and mid-size projects.”

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