ClinPhone Introduces New Product Strategy Team to Drive Product Development Initiatives

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ClinPhone, the global leader in clinical technology solutions, has introduced a new Product Strategy Team to serve as the core driving force in product development initiatives.

(June 02, 2005) ClinPhone, the global leader in clinical technology solutions, has introduced a new Product Strategy Team to serve as the core driving force in product development initiatives. The new team will work directly with ClinPhone's existing customers to develop valuable clinical trial solutions, drawing on an extensive knowledge of customer needs and market forces. The team will also be responsible for the commercialization of all ClinPhone's products and services.

The Product Strategy Team will initiate product developments, identify and deliver product enhancements and develop further solutions based on the company's market-leading Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Interactive Web Response (IWR) services. By establishing this team ClinPhone intends to continue developing innovative products that enhance its existing portfolio in a bid to provide unique and superior value to clients. The new team will be an integral component of ClinPhone's overall R&D processes and will work closely with the internal development teams to develop products and services closely tailored to market requirements. In addition to enhancing ClinPhone's business through internal innovation, the Product Strategy Team will also provide enhanced clinical solutions to its customers through external partnerships and alliances.

The Product Strategy Team consists of existing ClinPhone employees and new appointments, all of whom are experts in their fields. Patrick Hughes, Strategic Business Development and Marketing Director, will head the team and is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the execution of ClinPhone's strategic plans. Patrick has been with ClinPhone for seven years and has previously headed both the Global Marketing and the European Sales functions. Dr. Bill Byrom and David Stein will work on the team as Product Strategy Directors, working globally on the development and commercialization of ClinPhone's products and services.

Current ClinPhone employees Iain Little, Graham Nicholls, Nikki Dowlman and Keith Wenzel have joined the team as Product Managers. The Product Managers will serve as external and internal champions for respective product offerings, drawing on their existing expertise across ClinPhone's current and future product portfolio. Michelle Kwak has been appointed Product Marketing Manager, bringing with her a wealth of marketing experience. Michelle will work with the Product Managers to define the go-to-market strategy and the value propositions of individual product offerings.

Patrick Hughes commented "ClinPhone has enjoyed sustained sales growth in excess of 25% year on year and our success shows no signs of faltering. The substantial investment in a team of people who are charged with identifying and implementing new product developments will ensure that the foundations are laid for future commercial success. Not only will this give ClinPhone competitive advantage and continued market leadership but it will translate into real value for our clients and partners."

The creation of this new team is yet another testament to ClinPhone's commitment to developing and delivering superior product offerings based on the individual needs of its clients. By creating a team dedicated to delivering optimal product offerings, ClinPhone will continue to bring to market innovative products and services that streamline, enhance and ultimately accelerate the entire clinical process.

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ClinPhone Group Ltd is a specialist Clinical Technology Organization (CTO) working with the leading global biotech and pharmaceutical organizations. With its corporate headquarters in Nottingham, UK, ClinPhone is the largest and most accomplished CTO with experience in over 1300 clinical trials spanning 88 countries and 71 languages.The company's solutions enable its clients to manage their clinical trials more effectively through the use of technology. Building on its telephone and web-based randomization and medication management expertise, ClinPhone can offer a wide range of innovative products covering all aspects of a clinical trial, including Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), Interactive Voice and Web Response (IVR and IWR), Patient Recruitment Solutions, and Clinical Trial Management Software (CTMS).