Clinverse Technologies Joins Medidata Solutions Technology Partner Program

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Company News Release

Medidata Solutions

announced Clinverse as the 13th partner to join its

Technology Partner Program

, for solution providers that have leveraged Medidata products for data sharing with their clinical systems. Clinverse has been recognized for a new integration between its ClinPay™ eClinical commerce network and the


Medidata Rave

system for clinical data capture, management, and reporting. Using Medidata Web Services open web application programming interfaces (APIs), automatic data sharing between the two systems enables sponsors and CROs to make more efficient, accurate and timely investigator payments, which can directly impact site satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

A global technology company specializing in solutions for the financial management of clinical trials, Clinverse provides sponsors and CROs with a comprehensive solution to address the historically lengthy and error-prone site payment process. ClinPay is a robust accounting solution with global payment capabilities that can manage site payments in 130 currencies. Replacing tools and approaches that are heavily manual and paper-based, ClinPay electronically tracks investigator grants and compares actual terms in agreements with trial milestone data to make accurate payments to investigators for completed patient procedures.

The integration means that customers who enter clinical data from trial subjects into Medidata Rave automatically trigger payment milestones in ClinPay. With the automatic import of trial milestone data from Rave into ClinPay, both investigator sites and sponsor staff no longer have to manually enter the same trial milestone data into ClinPay. As a result, ClinPay receives information earlier about the completion of a negotiated term from the investigator contract, such as a patient visit or a specific procedure, and rapidly issues appropriate electronic payments. Consequently, a process that previously required several manual steps and often duplicative data entry is now largely electronic and automatic, enabling sites to be paid more quickly and more accurately. Moreover, sites are freed up to focus on clinical trials rather than spending time invoicing and tracking their payments. Increasingly, investigator sites expect this level of process automation and system integration from sponsors and CROs.

ClinPay’s web-based interface also provides sites with transparency into the status of their contracts and payments. The integration with Medidata Rave means that ClinPay provides sites with even earlier access to payment status with audit ability.