Cmed Technology Announced the Launch of Timaeus Guided Trial Builder


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Cmed Technology announced the launch of Timaeus Guided Trial Builder (GTB), a new product that introduces a new approach to reduce the time and effort required to start up electronic trials.GTB enables study teams to speed up and simplify Study Setup.

A new survey of 55 large pharmaceutical companies, small biotechs, CROs and non-profit organizations indicates the current industry trial build process takes too long.(1) All respondents indicated the trial build process typically takes weeks or months to complete; no organization indicated an average trial build time shorter than two weeks. The next most common complaints were that the build process: requires too much technical knowledge; is too complicated; does not sufficiently comply with standards; and requires too much work to ensure quality control.

"BioPharmaceutical and research companies want eClinical technology to let them manage more trials with greater speed, higher quality and without increasing resources," said Cmed CEO Dr. David Connelly. "The survey data confirms that the traditional industry trial build tools—after years of trying—do not satisfy these needs. Timaeus Guided Trial Builder addresses the goal of the quick, easy and validated electronic trial with a different approach."

Central to GTB is the Maximal Re-use Template (MRT) approach, which encompass all the common factors and best practices across a sponsor's portfolio and places them in one large validated "super page." MRTs enable rapid build of complete trials without any need of technical programming knowledge. They automatically ensure adherence to standards and seamlessly validate the trial during the build process, eliminating the need for manual quality control (QC) and hand-offs between teams. Adding Guided Trial Builder to Timaeus' on-demand deployment capabilities allows study teams to start new trials and perform mid-trial updates without downtime or site interruption.

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