Cmed Technology Unveils Timaeus 5 and Timaeus HotSpot


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Cmed Technology, an eClinical technology provider, today unveiled two product previews.  It debuted Timaeus 5, Cmed’s newest version of its unified eClinical platform to manage data from Study Design through Reporting. Timaeus 5 adds enhanced usability, extended operational capabilities, streamlined investigator and monitor interaction, and expanded reporting capabilities. Cmed Technology also unveiled the Timaeus HotSpot, a portable, regulatory-compliant eClinical suite that combines the Timaeus platform with a WiFi hotspot. With Timaeus HotSpot, research organizations can set up clinics more easily and provide physicians fast, reliable access to clinical trial data using whatever technology they prefer: from a standard Windows® notebook PC to an Apple iPad® or Android™ mobile appliance.

Timaeus is a unified eClinical platform for electronic trial design, electronic data capture (EDC), monitoring, medical coding, data management (for electronic, paper and hybrid trials) and real-time reporting. Its architecture uses advanced distributed computing and mobile technologies to manage any type of data, for any protocol. Timaeus is purpose-built to respond on-demand to the dynamic needs of studies:

  • Design: Support both simple and complex protocols right out of the box.

  • Start-Up: Operate globally wherever investigators and patients are located.

  • Go-live: Incrementally go-live with pages or validation checks as they are created and approved.

  • Conduct: Eliminate the need to manage maintenance windows of global studies.

  • Modification: Execute amendments worldwide without site interruption.

  • Reporting: Analyze results through real-time reporting.

Timaeus 5 adds new advances to streamline operation:

  • Ease of use: Improved usability to simplify: data access; data entry; resolution of upfront validation errors; and response to manual queries.

  • Flexibility: Integration of dynamic forms with Timaeus’ native adaptive trial functionality to support unscheduled visits and pages in an intuitive, efficient manner.

  • Freedom: Extended operational capabilities that allow study teams to choose from an expanded range of Internet browsers and mobile and portable computing appliances.

  • Efficiency: Streamlined interaction between investigators and monitors to improve efficiency and clarity of targeted source data verification (SDV)—on-site and during remote monitoring.

  • Insight: Expansion of Timaeus’ built-in reporting through addition of clinical business intelligence capabilities and live streaming of data into life sciences hubs and analytics systems.

Timaeus 5 also expands the choices to use eClinical in the way that is best for each study location:

  • Timaeus Web: Standard Internet-based operation using Windows® Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox® or Apple Safari®. 

  • Timaeus Mobile: Full access to data and functionality using Linux-based clinical appliances and Intel®-based Mobile Clinical Assistants (MCAs) that travel wherever study teams go.

  • Timaeus HotSpot: The industry’s first portable eClinical suite that provides clinicians autonomous, reliable operation using any WiFi-enabled device.

Timaeus HotSpot extends an autonomous “piece” of the Timaeus cloud inside the clinic using a dedicated, secure eClinical hub, which captures, cleans and transmits data in real time and also provides a range of other functions. Study investigators, nurses, and monitors gain immediate, high-speed dedicated access to full data capture, management and reporting functionality—for multiple trials. They also have the freedom to pick the technology interface that they most prefer. Additionally, research organizations managing these trials can provision clinics quickly and at low cost as well as maintain full data communication without needing dedicated high-speed Internet connections.

The flexibility of Timaeus’ distributed, cloud computing architecture provides several benefits, including the ability to rapidly scale computing resources up or down, eliminate capital investment and depreciation, and reduce internal IT infrastructure’s footprint or expand IT’s capability by incorporating private, secure cloud computing in the overall IT strategy. Timaeus 5 is available in two options. Timaeus-as-a-Service is offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) in which Cmed Technology runs the operations or Timaeus Enterprise, a turnkey infrastructure in which customers operate their own cloud using their own IT teams within their data centers.

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