ConcertAI Introduces New Artificial Intelligence Solutions Powered by Real-World Data at ASCO 2024


New solution, CARA AI, will aid in the exploration of real-world data and leverage workflows such as imaging and cohort generation.

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ConcertAI recently announced its first-in-category predictive and generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions at the 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting. The new suite of solutions, CARA AI, is a multi-modal data management, predictive AI, and generative AI platform that can accelerate research from translational through clinical development and support multi-party collaborations. Additionally, ConcertAI has announced expansions to its partner ecosystem and a clinical oncology suite.1

The new AI platform, CARA AI, will have the capabilities of exploring multi-modal real-world data (RWD) and leveraging AI-enabled workflows, such as image/data curation, annotation, and cohort generation, and prepare analysis-ready data sets.

In addition to the introduction of CARA AI, ConcertAI unveiled an update to its SmartLinQ oncology quality management platform, TriaLinQ. The AI-based screening method will be able to screen three times more patients for clinical trials than traditional electronic medical record-based screening methods, according to a study.

"Over the past two years, we have focused on the importance of multi-modal data AI model development, validation, stability monitoring, and deployment for insights, as part of clinical trials and, ultimately, clinical care," Jeff Elton, PhD, CEO of ConcertAI said in a press release. "Multi-modal data enable causal inferences and elimination of confounders for interpretations and predictions. Enabling this required rethinking the tools available to biomedical researchers while leveraging the power of generative AI. As a new, ground-up approach that allows multi-modal data management, AI-model development validation, model management, and model release, we can bring the power of deep and wide data at scale, our large research network, and the latest predictive AI and gen AI together for the broadest research community use."

In other updates to its oncology portfolio, ConcertAI also announced a new integrated set of AI-powered diagnostic tools designed for comprehensive cancer care, TeraRecon Oncology Suite. ConcertAI officially integrated TeraRecon in November 2021.2

In the press release, Elton continued: "ConcertAI's singular mission is to partner with leading medical societies, oncology research centers, and life science companies to create new approaches to high-depth, multi-modal data and clinical AI SaaS technologies to accelerate evidence generation and improve the accessibility of clinical trials, thereby improving treatment decisions across oncology care settings and assuring all eligible patients are rapidly and confidently identified."


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