Covance Announces Exclusive Relationship with INphoton, LLC For Microscopy Imaging Services


Company News Release

Covance and INphoton LLC today announced a collaborative relationship which will grant Covance exclusive global access to INphoton’s intravital microscopy imaging technology and expertise.

The new services offered as a result of the companies’ collaboration will include intravital microscopy and associated 3D image reconstruction and will offer clients:

  • High resolution quantitative assays of the in vivo physiological effects of drugs;

  • High resolution quantitative assays of in vivo drug distribution and pharmacokinetics;

  • Characterization of the mechanisms and kinetics of renal and hepatic drug clearance; and

  • Consultation on the feasibility, design and interpretation of imaging studies.

Dr. Michael A. Dorato, Vice President of Covance Discovery Services, stated, “The unique imaging capabilities of both organizations will allow our scientific teams to integrate intravital microscopy with Covance’s extensive molecular and anatomical imaging expertise focusing on specific client queries in the early discovery/development phase.  The ultimate benefit is enabling our clients to make resource- and time-saving decisions on compounds earlier in the drug development process.”

Intravital microscopy is a technique that provides quantitative, in vivo molecular imaging at subcellular resolution, resulting in a cost-effective approach to accelerate preclinical drug development.  State-of-the-art multiphoton microscopy combined with novel surgical techniques and multiple fluorophores allow in vivo imaging at subcellular resolution.  These high-content imaging technologies provide visibility of quantitative organ, cellular and subcellular distribution of potential therapeutic compounds as well as physiologic data, facilitating an understanding of efficacy and safety.  Clients have found that the insights provided by in vivo multiphoton microscopy provide for more in-depth decision making data.

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