CRF Health Introduces TrialSlate 1.0.2 Software


Lansdale, PA - December 7, 2009

CRF Health, a provider of electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) and wireless data collection solutions for the life sciences industry, has announced the global release of its TrialSlate™1.0.2 Software, an updated version of its TrialSlate application launched earlier this year.
The original TrialSlate application was specifically designed to support larger screen tablet PCs. The Version 1.0.2 expands the TrialSlate’s application’s capabilities with new features including support for the Gigabyte™ T1028X, support for complex script languages, landline support with an external modem, and a new antivirus application.
“Tablet PCs are becoming increasingly popular for ePRO data collection,” notes John Jordan, chief operating officer at CRF Health. “Their larger screens allow them to display many commonly used data instruments in a manner almost identical to their paper-based counterparts, often reducing the need for additional validation. This makes them ideal choices for certain clinical trials.”  
The emergence of new and relatively inexpensive netbooks such as the Gigabyte T1028X was a key factor in the development of TrialSlate 1.0.2., said Jordan.
Pekka Keskiivari, chief technical officer at CRF Health, notes that the newly released TrialSlate solution “means more flexibility in supporting different kinds of studies and site environments. TrialSlate can now be used for site-based ePRO in any language, including Middle-Eastern and Indian complex scripts. Study teams can rely on one ePRO solution to cover all countries in global studies.”

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