CRF Inc. Marks Five Years of eDiary Leadership and Innovation

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Company continues to pioneer new technology and make clinical trials safer, more accurate and efficient.

Waltham, MA – August 9, 2005 – CRF Inc., the world leader in electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) and wireless data collection solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry, is marking its five-year anniversary as the leader and innovator of electronic patient diary (eDiary) solutions.

CRF Inc. pioneered the development of eDiaries and has since set the standard for industry experience and results. The company conducted the first wireless clinical trial, was the first to adopt Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) worldwide technology standards, and successfully managed the largest ever eDiary study in the industry.

"Since our founding in 2000, CRF Inc. has grown from a small company with big ideas into a global leader with proven results," said Timo Ahopelto, worldwide vice president of operations and co-founder of CRF Inc. "Our vision five years ago was to create reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly e-Diaries that could make any clinical study safer and more efficient. We built our global services and technology to support this vision and it has fast become a reality."

Today CRF Inc. continues to lead the industry in driving the change to safer and more efficient paper-free clinical trials. The company has reliably connected more patients across the globe than any other ePRO vendor – more than 104,000 patients across 58 countries and in 48 languages – and CRF Inc.'s TrialMax is the most widely used eDiary technology in the world. In addition, CRF Inc.'s clinical insight and superior ePRO instrument design process have allowed the company to consistently achieve the industry's highest patient compliance rates - over 95 percent across diverse patient populations.

"CRF Inc. has had a remarkable five years developing unmatched eDiary technology and helping the industry better understand its benefits," said Pamela McNamara, CEO of CRF Inc. "As we look toward the future, our goal is for eDiaries to be used in even the most complex clinical trials so that patients can more accurately record all their critical trial data. In that way, we help ensure that the next generation of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices are as effective and safe as possible."

One of CRF Inc.'s latest initiatives involves eDiary solutions that capture patient data directly from a medical device and transmit it wirelessly to a mobile device equipped with CRF Inc.'s TrialMax software. Last month, CRF Inc. launched two new eDiary solutions: a Bluetooth(tm) enabled solution for respiratory clinical trials and a wireless infrared solution for diabetes trials.

The respiratory solution captures patient data directly from a peak flow meter and transmits it via Bluetooth wireless communication system to a PDA equipped with TrialMax software. The diabetes solution captures patient data from a blood glucose meter and automatically transmits it to a CRF Inc. eDiary via a built-in, wireless, infrared communication system. These new solutions have the potential to dramatically improve clinical trials since they enhance the collection, accuracy and reliability of patient data.

Due to an increasing need for more convenient, cost-effective medical care outside of traditional healthcare settings, CRF Inc. is also developing new eDiary applications that will enable patients to manage chronic conditions in their homes, at work or on the road. In the near future, patients will be able to record symptoms, medication use, data from medical devices and other condition-specific information using a TrialMax-equipped PDA or mobile phone. They will then be able to wirelessly transmit this information to their healthcare providers who can, in turn, manage each patient's condition in real-time and provide valuable feedback to improve the quality of care.

About CRF Inc.

CRF Inc. is the leading global provider of electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (e-PRO) and wireless data collection solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry. Through innovative technology and a thorough understanding of drug development and mobile computing, the company is driving the change to safer and more efficient paper-free clinical trials. CRF Inc.'s technology has been used by more than 104,000 patients across 58 countries in 48 languages for 32 indications. The company has demonstrated the industry's highest patient compliance rates - an average 95 percent compliance through Phase I, II, III and IV clinical trials - and unmatched patient and research site acceptance.

CRF Inc.'s award-winning product, TrialMax, is a flexible and customizable e-PRO technology that provides real-time patient monitoring, outstanding data accuracy and increased safety. Its unique features enable clinical trial sponsors to collect more valuable data faster and conduct complex clinical trials with greater flexibility than other e-PRO solutions. CRF Inc.'s experience combined with its dedication to ensuring the highest quality and most responsive customer service has made the company the biopharmaceutical industry's most trusted partner.

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