CRIO Announces Partnership with Pluto Health


CRIO in partnership with Pluto Health has announced the development of an integration between clinical care and clinical research. CRIO's Medical Records API delivers electronic medical records and other health histories, alongside clinical care coordination. The Pluto Health team then provides ongoing health maintenance support for potential participants. All this information is shared with patients, and with patient consent, can be shared with their clinicians and directly to principal investigators (PIs) at clinical research sites.

CRIO's partnership with Pluto Health leverages the recent trends towards patient centricity within clinical trials, focusing on addressing the patient journey in its entirey. It delivers a method to support patients' care pathways through clinical coordination, while streamlining PI workflow, and enabling patient control over their health information.

This approach goes beyond PIs access to EMR data. The approach reviews and reconciles health status before entry into the EDC, and offers care coordination tools to advance patient care alongside clinical research operations. Once review and reconciliation are completed, the source records are populated in the EDC and remote monitors can view the underlying sanitized medical records with principal investigator annotations, along with the source records. This level of transparency enhances sponsor oversight of quality and patient safety.


CRIO Announces Partnership with Pluto Health to Expand and Accelerate Clinical Trial Access. (2023, July 19). Cision PR Newsire.

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