CRL Global Services Builds European Lab in UK

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Company News Release

CRL Global Services (Kansas), an independent clinical testing laboratory operation, has concluded a deal with Quotient Bioresearch (Cambridgeshire, UK) that will see CRL Global Services establish its new European laboratory hub in the UK.
CRL Global Services has chosen to construct its own laboratory in Cambridgeshire, UK, embedded within the existing facilities of Quotient Bioresearch. It will provide a further full service laboratory arm to CRL Global Services’ existing global structure. The contract also provides for an immediate close collaboration between the companies on the development and delivery of new services, particularly in the areas of bioanalysis, biomarkers, and microbiology.
David Griffiths, PhD MBA, business development director, Quotient Bioresearch, added: “We are very pleased to be working together with CRL Global Services as they construct their new laboratory in the UK. The established capabilities of the two companies are entirely complementary. I anticipate synergies that will enable us to deliver a joint offering significantly broader than available from each party working alone.”