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Datacubed Health has announced the launch of Linkt Location, a technology solution that allows pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations (CROs), and other healthcare providers to detect significant health events that often go undetected with existing data capture methods. Undetected events, such as illnesses and hospitalizations, can undermine the accuracy and conclusions drawn from health-related data and result in the failure of clinical trials, real-world evidence studies, and other research endeavors. Linkt Location will join Datacubed’s library of solutions, including eCOA, behavior, and cognition modules.

Datacubed Health’s solution, Linkt Location, uses a technology known as geofencing to track participant interactions with healthcare facilities, and increase the likelihood of study success while simultaneously protecting participants’ privacy.

Installed on a participant’s own phone, the Linkt Location app is loaded with detailed information identifying the geographic locations of hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare facilities. These locations can be tailored to the specific study or project. Geofencing technology identifies when a participant’s device enters one of these bounded geographic areas by processing Wi-Fi, cell tower triangulation, and telemetric data locally on the device and alerts the study managers. Chatbots, surveys, and other communications can be deployed to the participant’s smartphone to gather critical information about the nature and outcome of the healthcare interaction.

“Linkt Location represents a giant step forward in the detection of significant medical events and endpoints that often go undetected in health-related projects,” said Paul W. Glimcher, Chief Executive Officer of Datacubed Health. “The accurate detection of significant events presents an ongoing challenge. Most projects monitoring these events in a large cohort rely on the manual review of EDC data or medical records, which can be time-consuming, introduce delay, and result in under-reported events.”

Linkt Location is designed to provide participants with a modern and consumer-friendly experience while supporting critical research functionality for large-scale studies. The solution is built with a strong emphasis on an intuitive user experience with an interface can be customized to meet the needs of the project. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model allows the participant to use their own phones, making it unnecessary for participants to carry multiple devices. It also ensures that the geolocation app is always close to participants, reducing participant burden, and achieving maximum data compliance.

With Linkt Location, improved data quality and ease of collection co-exists with strengthened patient privacy. The primary advantage of Datacubed Health’s geofencing technology over other location tracking solutions is that data about the location of the patient never leaves the patient’s smartphone and is not tracked by the provider. The only information that the provider receives is whether the subject has entered a geofenced area.

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