Datacubed Health Offers Free Use of Linkt for Virtual COVID-19 Studies


Applied Clinical Trials

Datacubed Health announced it is offering free access to Linkt, its virtual clinical trials platform, to studies focused on COVID-19 therapies or epidemiology. The company is offering use of these critical tools in an effort to advance both treatment options and our understanding of the disease. Datacubed provides an end-to-end solution from web enrollment and eConsent to daily instrument delivery and automated hospital entry tracking.

Datacubed Health’s Linkt platform captures patient data through the use of smartphone apps, web interfaces, wearables, and other digital tools for remote enrollment and engagement in clinical studies. The platform can deliver eConsent and clinical instruments on a smartphone or via web, on any schedule, through an easily configured administrative panel. Passive data collection systems can track activity, time spent outside, and can estimate virtual and physical social network size. Linkt’s geofencing technology, already being used in other infectious disease studies being conducted by Big Pharma, alerts researchers if a patient enters a hospital or healthcare facility. Hospital entry can be used to trigger additional data collection. Datacubed Health’s systems are HIPAA and GDPR compliant, have passed audits from top Pharma, and received IRB approval from top Universities.

“At a time when the world is desperately in need of virtual data collection, high compliance, and automated participant data, we found ourselves uniquely positioned to help. Like everyone in our industry, we want to do everything we can to help during this difficult time as study teams look for solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Paul Glimcher, Datacubed Health’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “It’s also essential that we keep participants safe. This puts a huge premium on virtuality and using devices that participants already own. A mobile approach to decentralized clinical trials during this period of uncertainty is not just safer, but also provides more accurate, more complete data faster than previous methods.” 

“We want to extend our support and sympathies to those who have experienced hardship during this public health crisis and hope to do what we can to support the health community and use the resources at hand for those in need,” Glimcher concluded.

The offering is available for biopharmaceuticals, state and municipal health authorities, and large academic institutions. 

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